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You can have a digital marketing partner for a monthly flat fee.

Imagine Having a Partner You Can Trust.

We help our customers save money by changing digital marketing processes to work better.


Loyal to our beliefs, we work towards a better future designing strategies focused on helping small business owners reach more clients without breaking their budget.


Using a storytelling framework, we create valuable content that brings in leads and referrals, ultimately making your business grow organically.


Yes, you can have a digital marketing partner to help your business have more visibility, attract more clients, and increase customer referrals organically for only $3,450 a month.

(Yes, you read that correctly)


5 Reasons Why Organic Marketing is Good for Business

Contrary to paid ads and sponsored posts, Organic Marketing helps you build more than a list of followers; it allows your brand to build credibility and drives permanent traffic towards your website and web pages. 


But not only that, your customers are authentically interested in your brand because they trust you, which reflects on your engagement, and Google notices that! Thus, ranking your site as trustworthy.


Moreover, organic marketing allows you to connect directly with your customers and have a more personal connection with them! 


And, of course, lead optimization is pretty valuable for converting organic traffic into potential leads.

What We Do For Your Business

Analyze Your Digital Footprint.

We do monthly audits to keep your digital footprint updated and collect insights for strategy:


-Social Media


-Special Directories


And we monitor and track your three main competitors to learn about windows of opportunity.

Build a Content Marketing Plan.

After creating a business brand kit, we create a roadmap for monthly content for your blog, newsletter, and social media campaign.


Every month you will get:

Four blog posts (800 to 1,000 words)

One newsletter template with one anchor article, the rest of the content is provided by you.

Twenty social media posts for visibility, including royalty-free images.

One collaboration proposal for you to send to be interviewed on a podcast, blog, or local media.

Create a Strategy that Helps You Grow.

Every week, you will have a 30 minutes session with me to go over your marketing topics, campaign strategy or discuss how to launch new products!


Your marketing strategy includes:

Two lead magnets and the sales pages (per year)

Six email sequences to warm up the leads.



And Yes, We Also Do Paid Search

Paid search is the most cost-effective way to get your name out there, connect your target audience with your website, attract visitors, and grow your email list.

We use Google because of its massive reach and Bing to deliver your brand to a more mature high-income audience.

What is paid search? Paid search works on a pay-per-click model, meaning you only pay until someone clicks on your ad.

And we use "click" fraud protection software to prevent bots and competitors inflate your campaigns. 

My goal is to make your brand stand out without the hassle, including knowing how much your digital marketing will cost without surprises.

We charge a flat fee of 5% of your ad spend.

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