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SEO Marketing for small businesses. Focus on growing your business while we do the heavy lifting.

Your Brand Deserves More Than a Quick Fix.

You started your company following your passion and decided to pursue your dreams. The time and effort you give to your business, juggling productivity and house chores, conquering the fear to be under the spotlight deserves more than just boosting a post.

Imagine having a SEO marketing partner that helps you stand out even with a bootstrap budget. That is what strategic marketing is all about. A partner that knows about search engines, social media and lead generation so you can go back to your happy place and grow your small business.

Get the easy tips to boost your online presence.

SEO Marketing just for you

Get fast, lasting results with my proven approach to search engine optimization. Whether you’re a mom scaling your side hustle, a startup, or a recently retired professional who has never heard of SEO before, I have a plan that’ll work for you! And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Small Budget Big Impact

Jumpstart Program

Kickstart your online presence with a budget-friendly service that saves you time and effort. We do the heavy lifting while you just implement the strategy. This is ideal for small business owners with small budgets.

Hi I’m Gaby

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs get online visibility. My specialty is helping you to reach more clients, get qualified leads and lower your ad cost with SEO marketing strategy.

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