Struggling with Online Visibility?

We Got Your Back.

We can help you get found online while you focus on starting, growing or scaling your home-based business, side hustle or start up while we do the heavy lifting.

We spend hours researching and identifying the preferences, motivations, and buying behavior of online customers.

We know the home-based niche like the back of our palm and we’ve created a proven process that puts your business under the spotlight.

Get back the thrill of growing a business.

Imagine having more time to work on what you love to do the most… growing your business!

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What we’ve done so far

  • Search campaigns for consulting services with a 6.8% CTR.
  • Landing pages for digital downloads with a 4.26% CTR.
  • Created over 752 articles -and counting- ranking among the top 10 organic results.
  • Paid campaigns with a click-through-rate of 7% and a subscription rate of 21.05%
  • Increased website traffic of 36.25% after a six-week content optimization project.
  • Improved website’s health score by 11 points after the first optimization.

We Believe SEO for Small Businesses Should Always be Accessible.

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We are ready to be your next best-kept secret.

You started your company following to pursue your dreams. The time and effort you give to your business deserve more than just boosting a post.

Imagine having an SEO partner that helps you gain online visibility even with a small budget.

That is what strategic marketing is all about. A partner that knows about search engines, social media and lead generation so you can go back to your happy place and grow your small business.

We are SEOriously into Online Visibility

We help you build more than a list of followers; we help your business grow. Work with me and you’ll see we do more than SEO, we become your marketing partner -and best kept secret- with personalized strategy that supports your business goals.