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Small Budgets Can Make a Big Impact

Leveraging the Playfield

It is well known that limited access to capital is the number one challenge small businesses face for business growth or even survival. However, for women entrepreneurs, the challenges pile on. Struggling to be taken seriously, motherhood, lack of mentorship, social support, balancing business life and family, belittling mindset, and fear of failure are factors affecting business success, additionally of limited access to capital. It is our mission to change that.

With the rise of e-commerce and low-entry barriers to starting an online business, it is no secret that more minority women are stepping into entrepreneurship.

Nonetheless, the business failure rate is still appalling. Approximately 80% of newly formed e-commerce businesses fail during the first five months, and only 10% stay afloat after the first year. (1)

35% of surveyed businesses mentioned lack of online visibility was the main factor for failure.


And that’s where we jump in.

Our mission is to support women-owned businesses with SEO marketing amplifying their brand with a small budget that makes a big impact.

  • We know social media maximizes the effectiveness of small businesses.
  • We are convinced our clients can jump into the spotlight with the right strategy.
  • We are committed to providing flexible SEO packages that fit every budget.

But our mission doesn’t stop there.

We believe women mentoring women entrepreneurs is crucial to leveraging the playfield.

Gaby Rendon

Our vision is to create an online community where women entrepreneurs can access high-quality resources to start, grow, and scale their businesses with a minimum investment.

Back 2 Work Mom Club is a social enterprise supporting women-owned businesses. We use SEO and market intelligence to find lucrative markets, reputation management, and competitive analysis.  

We aim to collaborate with committed women entrepreneurs looking for a long term SEO marketing strategy and are not looking for quick fixes.

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(1) You can read more about what percentage of e-commerce businesses fail here