New Kid on The Block: Responsive Search Ads

Between Apple’s privacy settings and the forthcoming changes on Google; digital marketing agencies, social media managers, and businesses in general are having a hard time navigating the new digital norm.

Data shows, that social media ads and lead generation funnels will have a fluctuation in volume and engagement throughout Q2 and Q3. Basically because of the iOS 14.5 new privacy settings, Google’s sandbox and no third-party cookies that have a direct impact on reach and tracking.

Simply put, a good number of social media marketing agencies will need to go the extra mile and pivot to increase campaign performance.

Here, at Gabby Rendon, we focus on connecting our customers with the right audience, designing strategies based on context, content and intent. We’ve been preparing for this moment way before the digital marketing went on a diet.

Having a strategy offering creative and valuable content that converts is by far the best (and cost-effective) strategy for branding, growing your email list and most importantly, own your data.

If you are a businesses using tons of digital advertisement, let me tell you there’s a new kid on the block you really want to invite and play with!

Keep reading and learn about Google Responsive Search Ads, the default Google ad type this Summer.

GR Notes #2 Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Simply put, RSAs make ads more flexible and bringing better results to the user because they are based on search intent.

Key Points

  • Responsive Search Ads identify the best combination of headlines and descriptions delivering the right ad to the right person. In fact, we’ve seen advertisers that add responsive search ads in their ad groups achieve up to 10% more clicks and conversions.
How Does RSAs Work?
  • The creative process is the same: content, copy and keyword search. The difference would be on the effectiveness of the headline-description combination.
  • Use Ad strength, focusing on the effectiveness rate and specific action or item(s) you want the audience to react.
  • Customize the ads using location insertion, which could be a physical place, area of interest or your customer’s location.
  • Let your audience know about upcoming events and create a sense of urgency (countdown) for them to take action.
  • Trust Smart Bidding, it can optimize your cost based on data from all of your campaigns, so even new campaigns without data of their own may see increased performance. 
  • Include broad match keywords on the settings, this way you attract more visitors to your website, spend less time building keyword lists, and focus your spending on keywords that work.
  • Google will continue expanding the use of AI to understand queries, rank relevant results and get higher quality results to user’s questions.
  • Privacy settings and no tracking options will only get stronger, Google encourages every business owner to maximize the value of their first-party data (a.k.a. web traffic, emails, DM, SMS).
  • Responsive Search Ads will be the norm for digital campaigns and will likely end up taking a larger share of the advertisement market, especially now that Facebook is reluctant to comply with some countries’ requirements.

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  • Signals: Identifiable attributes about a person or their context at the time of a particular auction.

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